Alex & Kat’s Winter Playdate


Alex Z and Kat W – Laguna Hills High School seniors – have been BFFs since early elementary school. When we scheduled their December playdate session, it never occurred to us there might be weather issues, especially since the day before had been clear and temps in the low 70’s. We’re not the rainy Pacific Northwest, right? We don’t fret over rain or nonsense of climate change.  Pfffft!

Buttttt … just leave it to Orange County … you know what we say, “If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes.” Been that way for decades, haha!

Skeptically, we watched the disintegrating weather forecast for precipitation. Ack! And sure enough, the day dawned overcast and rainy. 

Rain? Say what??? So, in the spirit of optimism, we rounded up several umbrellas. Never can have too many fun bumbershoots, right? And off we went to our San Juan Capistrano studio, pretty much prepared for everything – including a last-minute warning to the girls to be sure to dress warmly. And to our hair/make-up artist – bring plenty of hairspray. LOL!

HMUA artist extraordinaire, Miss Sarah, worked her magic, with great camera-ready color, and just a touch of glam for our girls. Keeping a close eye on the skies, we felt safe enough to venture outside while it was still drizzling. Umbrellas, puddles, plaid, mittens, candy canes, and laughter … let the BFF winter playdate adventure begin!

Their sunset hand-heart, tho …

Alex & Kat’s winter playdate

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