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BreakawayGrads} Brooklyn M | mission viejo ’12 | senior pictures | orange county

Fresh from cheer practice and gettin’ make-up fluffed, this perfectly pint-sized pixie arrived pumped for her senior pictures. Three of us (Nancy and assistants Kayla and Carly) laughed gleefully as we swooped into her outfits, starting with the must-have teensy cotton-candy pink, raggedy-hem denim shorts. And oh look at the precious rich black lace mini […]

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BreakawayGrads} Brooke S | san juan hills ’12 | senior pictures | orange county

“Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life.” Not to sound cliche, but Breakaway photoshoots really are like a box of chocolates … we never know what we’ll get. With this San Juan Hills, Class of ’12 girlie, it was huge Hershey’s chocolate-brown doe eyes, a smile as wide as […]

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Why Breakaway? {Sami}

You met this li’l dynamo here: BreakawayGrads} Sami R | Tesoro ’12 | studio model Now, in the first of our new series, check out Miss Sami starring in “Why Breakaway?” [be sure speakers are on and you click 720p to watch in HD]

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