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cambria rocks!

  You met Miss Cambria here: Introducing: Cambria! Now watch Cambria rock! Very special note: As we mentioned in our original blog post about Cambria, we were delighted to discover she's a professional recording singer and songwriter. Part of the Breakaway creative magic happens with our choice of music for our videos. This one was a […]

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introducing: chris!

We say to each other that we have the best darned job in the world – and this shoot was yet another reminder of that. Scheduled for a Sunday, this day turned out to be one of our killer SoCal weather days – mid-April, 90 inland, a stunningly perfect 75 at the beach, a teensy […]

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introducing: brianna!

A young lady with huge blue eyes with dark lashes and a quick wit, we had been enthusiastically looking forward to her photoshoot for several weeks. We’d heard she was non-traditional, and so she was … in the most delightful way. But then, Nancy, Paul and Breakaway itself are totally non-traditional, so it’s no wonder […]

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Hannah rocks!!

  You met Hannah here: Introducing: Hannah What fun it is when our seniors love the experience of their shoots. Hannah's awesome comments: "I had an amazing time. I enjoyed every second of it and wanted to keep going!!! Nancy and Paul were so great to work with, super super nice and so generous with […]

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