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homecoming preview

We just got back from our first homecoming game in, um, well, years – LOL. What a blast from the past it was for both of us! Lovin' DHHS spirit – and the football team look great! The shots below are just a quick preview of tonight's events. Major props to organizer Miss Melanie for her […]

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This cutie is next to last of our Dana Hills High senior pep squad. Meet Corinne and her gorgeous smile -     Q: Sibs?A: One- an older brother, now at University of Arizona. Q: How do you get along?A: We used to squabble, but now we are really good friends! Q: Pets?A: Two doggies – a mastiff, Tanner, who […]

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tall tess

Here at Breakaway, we're of the, well, *compact* height pursuasion. Always quite satisfied with that, we figure what we lack in height we make up for in fun. Somehow overcoming the short gene, Nancy's daughter is nearly 5'11" and we well remembers what it's like to be a tall teenager – the good and the […]

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We love the feedback from our blog readers! Want to have each new Breakaway blog entry emailed to you automatically? We have made it easy for you. Check out the sidebar to the right –>. o subscribe, enter your email address. You'll be asked to confirm your subscription … and voila! You will receive an email […]

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