Welcome to The Breakaway Experience!

BreakawayGrads-Welcome-Site-HannahM-MVHS15-senior-pictures-orange-county-14DcIs your style playful and creative?
Thoughtful and observant?
Or maybe fashionable and dramatic?

Sure, the world may think it knows who you are already. But most people just see one or two parts of your life: student, daughter, skateboarder, the kid in class or at the mall. You’re so much more than that!

You’ve spent your life becoming the unique person you are. Breakaway will capture what makes you so special … and we guarantee you will absolutely love your senior portraits!

Kick off your shoes, get comfy, and stay awhile. Seriously! Look around, be nosy. We know you’ll love what you find! The menu is above this post. You will see how we will capture the adventure of your life! Then schedule your custom senior portraits to experience the Breakaway Enchantment.

Together we will amaze everyone and show the world something it hasn’t really seen before … YOU!

Y o u T u b e
F a c e b o o k